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Lifecycle of a DADU

  1. Find out if your property works for a DADU!  There are a lot of rules involved and not one property is the same.
  2. Design a plan and begin the financing process. Many homeowners in Tacoma, with verifiable income have enough equity in their primary home to get a home equity line of credit for a DADU. We are happy to refer a couple different lenders that are familiar with homeowners wishing to finance a Tacoma DADU.
  3. Financing.  If the Owner has cash, has refied or a HELOC already, we can instantly begin and move to number 4. If the Owner needs to get financing, once they are pre-approved we move on. 
  4. Sign Contract
  1. Finalize your finishes in model chosen.  Tweak plans and make sure they are ready for final architectural and structural design.  
  2. Architectural and Structural Plans are completed and approved by Owner.
  3. Submit for permits. During this time, the lender is usually going through the motions of getting the loan all prepped, a lot of times getting the appraisal done. 
  4. Receive stamped and approved permits. At this time a loan can go to final underwriting and approval.  Timeframe of this is based on the lender, then the loan closes and we are ready to move to Stage 3
  1. Begin construction!
  2. Depending on size, weather, and materials, construction can take anywhere from 4-5 months. Once we get through all Final Inspections, we will get an Occupancy Permit.
  3. Turnkey DADU ready for occupancy!

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